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It’s time to record @chalkedpodcast

It’s time to record @chalkedpodcast

Good morning all,

This weekend, Chalked’s first episodes will be recorded and edited with the premise to launch the Podcasts soon. There have been a few trials already recorded, which have been through some testing. With improvements to be made however, I might be ready to show you it. I hope.

I have already set up the framework to hold the content together, which this site will map out. I’ve been lucky to keep the social tags all the same. The host site for the audio content will be PodBean (, which has its own page. This week I created some link images for fun, just for that site. Got to use them on this site too. The host site for the written content, the short stories, will be on Medium (@chalkedpodcast). This is for those who wish to read the content in your own mindset, to avoid the spin that my voice adds to it. Lastly, my twitter account is already up and running with daily seeds of info (@chalkedpodcast).

All of these are linked on the right side of this site, to cater for whatever content you wish to see. An RSS section is ready and waiting as well. As for a schedule I was thinking of having the podcast on one day and text version on another. This is because I want to take my time to rewrite the story for the readable format. Grammar, spelling and the removal of my script notes needs all checked off before publishing.