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Chalked Ep2 – The Crowning Part 1

Chalked Ep2 – The Crowning Part 1

Chalked: A Short Stories Podcast: Episode 2 – The Crowning Part 1

Caution on themes of death and violence.

This episode is the first in a multi-part series based in a new world, where lies a province dominated by the sun. The crowning ceremony is about to begin and one person is missing, a very important one.

Written versions can be found on

The first set is ready to launch next week

The first set is ready to launch next week

I have completed the first set of episodes to launch on Chalked. 3 episodes titled by their story. “So how are you?”, my first written story that I did for the podcast. A slice of life style of story.

“The crowning part 1”, my first of a multi part story. Fantasy politics style of story. “Twins” our last of the trio. A sci-fi slice of life style story. I will be rushing through the sound design side of it this weekend, while I go through the text versions on my commute.

Hope you enjoy them as I launch next week on Wednesday the 11th of July. Also, their written counterparts on Friday the 13th of July.

I aim to release an episode each week, probably a Wednesday. I will publish written versions on Medium on the Friday, almost right after it. Audio will be set loose via PodBean and they will be posted here as well under the categories. All of these are nested in the top menu. All Podcasts holds all my casts. Short stories to hold all the regular short stories. Bigger stories is where multi part stories grow. Finally, the written content will be held here on Written stories.

Look out for my podcast logo in your feeds (which still shows as my current website logo and not individual icons but im looking into that):

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